Tiramisu With Dark Belgian Chocolate A Favorite In Italian Desserts

Italian Food... Spaghetti and Meatballs or Lasagna... Top off Your Menu With this Sweet Treat in Dessert Recipes... Delicious!

For all us Sweet Lovers, this Tiramisu with Belgian Chocolate is a winner in Dessert Recipes for Italian Food. One excellent mouth watering pick made with espresso dipped Italian Cookies, Mascarpone Cheese this favorite in Italian Desserts is just too good for words!

With Italian espresso dipped ladyfingers these italian cookies are only the beginning of one of the best in fantastic delicious Dessert Recipes in Italian Food. The Mascarpone Cheese blended with Whipped Cream is the second step to this heavenly dessert delight in Italian Desserts. The third step to the finale is the shaved Dark Belgian Chocolate on the top. Oh, I forgot you sneak some more of that rich Dark Belgian Chocolate in between more deliciously dipped italian cookies and the light Whipped Cream and Mascarpone Cheese for one mouth watering taste explosion!

Tempted yet? Razzle-dazzle your friends and family with this unbelievable delicious delightful Tiramisu, it really is one favorite in Dessert Recipes. Get out the spoons and dig in to this fantastic Italian Food Favorite! Oh, by the way, you may have a hard time in getting those spoons out of the hands of those that dare to partake in this awesome favorite in Italian Desserts!

Are you having a barbeque party and cooking for a crowd and need some dinner ideas to serve up with this fantastic favorite Tiramisu? Not only is this pick in Italian Desserts great with any of the Pasta Recipes, it's an anytime favorite. I like to make this taste explosion with one of the choices from the BBQ Recipes and to make my barbeque party a hit, I bring out this excellent choice in Dessert Recipes. I suggest you make two of these Decadent Italian Desserts, those spoons will be digging in like there's no tomorrow!

For something extra special in your menu, start your evening of fun with some great choices from the Appetizer Recipes to really knock the socks off your dinner guests. With a pick from the Drink Recipes too, I bet that you will have the best time in an Italian Food Fun Night!

2 packages of Italian cookies (ladyfingers) 12 in each package, 24 total

1 cup espresso coffee

3 tablespoons Amaretto or Sambuca

2 cups mascarpone cheese

1/4 cup white sugar

1 cup whipping cream

In large mixing bowl, blend together Mascarpone cheese, sugar and Amaretto or Sambuca. Whisking until well blended and smooth.

Chill a medium bowl, stainless steel works the best and beaters.

Remove chilled bowl and beat whipping cream at high speed until soft peaks are formed. Folding gently into the Mascarpone cheese mixture.

With espresso in a shallow dish, lightly dip the italian cookies (ladyfingers) careful not to over soak. One or two seconds is more than long enough, you don't want soggy cookies. Lay the Italian cookies one by one until you have covered the bottom of 10 x 16 baking dish.

With half of the Mascarpone cheese mixture, spread over top of the Italian cookies. Sprinkle with shaved or chopped dark Belgian Chocolate.

Repeat starting with another layer of Italian cookies, Mascarpone cheese mixture. ending up with the shaved or chopped dark Belgian chocolate on the top.

Place in refrigerator for at least 4 hours before serving.

Too Yummy for words!

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