Italian Cheese Stuffed Peppers

An Italian Food Favorite with Fresh Herbs, Ground Beef, Prosciutto and Parmesan Cheese pack these Green Bell Peppers with Flavor... Looking for Easy Meals in Italian Recipes? How about serving these with some favorite Noodles and Pasta Sauce... Delicious!

Stuffed Peppers, one of the Easy Meals to make for quite dinner with friends. An Italian Food Favorite with the Ground Beef mixed together with Prosciutto, Italian Cheese and Fresh Herbs jam pack these green peppers with flavor.

Baked in the oven topped with Italian Bread Crumbs and Parmesan Cheese makes these Stuffed Peppers extra special. A tasty mouth watering crunchy topping that will get those taste buds popping.

A great dinner choice to serve the family to spice up your everyday menu. I like to serve these Stuffed Peppers with a crisp Caesar Salad and the kids pick their favorite Pasta. For something extra special, the Tiramisu with Belgian Chocolate would be fabulous.

4 green peppers, medium size

1 pound ground beef

2 fresh garlic cloves, chopped

4 sprigs of fresh parsley

6 sprigs of fresh oregano, chopped

6 sprigs of fresh sweet basil, chopped

1 tablespoon italian seasoning

1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese, grated

8 slices of prosciutto, chopped

2 small white onions, chopped or 1 medium

1/2 cup of Italian bread crumbs

2 large eggs

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon fresh ground peppercorns

1 cup Spaghetti Sauce or 1 cup of store bought, tin or jar

Wash and clean green peppers. Cut lengthwise and remove seeds and stems.

In a large mixing bowl, mix ground beef, fresh garlic, parsley, oregano, italian bread crumbs, eggs, salt, pepper, italian seasoning and Parmesan Cheese. Mix until well combined.

In medium non stick pan add 1 tablespoon italian olive oil, onion, prosciutto and cook until onions are translucent.

Add onion mixture and spaghetti sauce to ground beef mixture stirring and blending well.

Line a baking sheet with tin foil and lightly spray with non stick spray or brush a very light coating of olive oil over foil.

Generously fill each green pepper half with Ground Beef and Cheese Mixture and place on baking sheet.

Crunchy Italian Cheese Bread Crumb Topping:
1/4 cup Asiago Cheese

1/4 cup Parmesan Cheese

1/2 cup Italian Bread Crumbs

1/2 cup butter, melted

1 teaspoon Italian Seasoning

In small mixing bowl, add melted butter, asiago and parmesan cheese, Italian Bread Crumbs and Italian Seasoning. If desired add salt and pepper to taste.

Mix until well combined and mixture resembles a course texture, and sprinkle on top.

Bake at 300 F for 30 - 40 minutes.

Makes 8 servings - Enjoy!

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These Stuffed Peppers would go great served with one of the Pasta Recipes with one of the fantastic Salad Recipes. The family will love one of these favorites, at our house it's either the Caesar Salad or a Greek Salad.

Having a Barbecue Party? These Stuffed Peppers can go right on the barbeque grill, just double wrap in foil and serve. While sitting enjoying your afternoon in the sun how about sipping on one of the Drink Recipes? Maybe a Strawberry Margarita for the Adults and for the kids, one of the Fruit Smoothies with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream? Yummy!

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