Meal Planning For Great
Cooking Tips In Timesavers

Turn Leftovers From Your Favorite Food Recipes into Fantastic Easy Meals

Meal Planning suggestions can be hard to find. With some great cooking tips make it easy, with your leftover favorites from dinner and turn them into great timesavers for Easy Meals. Cooking for one person can be sometimes just plain I-don't-know-what-to-cook-hard!

A great suggestion would be plan your menu a week at a time for great timesavers. How about making up a Prime Rib Roast with some mashed potatoes and some veggies? With the leftovers you can make a fantastic roast beef sandwich for great lunches, a vegetable beef stir fry and a couple of TV Dinners during the week. Make excellent freezer meals with your leftover Holiday Roast Turkey, much better than those store bought freezer meals.

How about a fantastic Lasagna or a big batch of Spaghetti Sauce for easy ideas in cooking tips for more great homemade favorites in freezer meals. Choose easy food recipes that fit in with your schedule and what you like to eat of course. Whether you're a 20 something single person or an empty nester couple, you don't need to throw out those leftovers from your favorites in food recipes anymore.

Some great meal planning ideas in excellent cooking tips, would be to choose easy recipes that can be divided. Recipes calling for three eggs, use two instead. You can also remove 2 - 4 tablespoons of any liquid in your food recipes too, if a dinner recipe calls for a can of beans or soup and you only use half, refrigerate the rest and you have your lunch for the next day.

Another great cooking tip for when you make any of your favorite main dish recipes for a full size recipe, use the leftovers for your own homemade freezer meals. Freeze in meal sized containers and label them for fast quick and easy meals for a reach-in-the-freezer quick meal in timesavers!

What, you don't like leftovers? Do some meal planning and turn them into a completely different favorite. Make some excellent breakfast muffins by adding leftover fruit or add to some fluffy Pancakes. With leftover veggies, add them to any of your soup recipes or a favorite casserole recipe. Cooking for one when using the imagination can be easy. I like to use the veggies in a great chicken or beef stir fry, so easy to do and there's no chopping, just cook, add some seasonings spices and voila, you have quick and easy meals.

Another meal planning favorite in timesavers would be to take that extra bread hanging around that no one wants to use up and make up some great French Toast. Make Homemade Croutons, with a great Caesar Salad. They're also great to add to soup or any of the Salad Recipes, just grab a handful and dump in. The bread is also excellent when you want to make Turkey Stuffing.

How about making a great Pasta Salad with leftovers from one of the Pasta Recipes? The kids like to make their own excellent creations in pizza recipes with English muffins topped or tortillas with leftover spaghetti sauce and some grated mozzarella cheese. Another one of the cooking hints and tricks with leftover Spaghetti Sauce, add a can of kidney beans, baked beans and a package of taco seasoning and voila, you have chili, tacos or Sloppy Joe's. I've even seen the boys add chili and cheese to their baked potato for a fantastic fast quick snack.

Meal Planning for your favorite food recipes can be fun and easy... Enjoy!

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