The Best in Italian Food for Favorite Pasta Recipes and Pasta Sauce

Do you like Italian Cooking? How about one of your favorite Pasta types... The Angel Hair Pasta with Meatballs and Tiramisu for Dessert would be an Excellent choice... Delicioso!

Great suggestions in Italian Food for Favorite Pasta Types, Cooking Tips, Dinner Ideas in Italian Cooking Favorites in Pasta Sauce varieties and Cooking Hints for delicious choices in Pasta Recipes.

I just wanted to share some of our family's favorite Italian Recipes. Of course we all have our favorites in Italian Food and everyone has their own little secret touches to add to their Pasta Recipes for Italian Cooking.

I remember growing up with so many wonderful smells. Sunday dinner was an experience in itself, the tables started in that cozy kitchen winding into the dining room down the hall into the living room, now talk about a family gathering for an Italian Food Feast! I bet you could hear us all gabbing at once for miles! There were huge platters of Spaghetti Sauce and Meatballs and for the kids the Farfalle Pasta or Bow Tie Pasta was the favorite in Pasta Types.

In Italian Cooking, whichever of the Pasta Types you end up choosing to mix and match to go with a Pasta Sauce, it's all good and that's what makes Italian Food fantastic. Great ideas for Pasta Types and Pasta Recipes for a family dinner or with family and friends celebrating a special occasion. So go ahead, pick and choose and enjoy. With a great choice in Salad Recipes and a decadent choice for a Dessert, your evening of Italian Food Fun will be a feast to remember!

Favorite Pasta Types in Pasta Sauce Recipes

Angel Hair Pasta
Angel Hair pasta is the one I choose when I'm hosting a dinner party. So very light and thin and is excellent for the Spaghetti and Meatballs. With the Tiramisu for a dessert recipes pick would be fantastic. Sounds good doesn't it!

Cannelloni Pasta
These are stuffed and rolled very similar to the Manicotti. The difference with these are they're a flat pasta type rolled into tasty tubes and filled with one of the favorite pasta recipes for stuffing. A popular choice of stuffing would be maybe a pork and beef mixture with Italian cheese, some spinach, fresh garlic and Italian seasonings, then smothered in a great tomato pasta sauce.

Egg Noodles
Did you know that egg noodles are more heartier than the other pasta types. These are great in any of your pasta casserole recipes for a more stick-to-the-ribs sort of dinner meal. The kids like these just plain or with a Garlic Butter Sauce, serve with a favorite grated Italian Cheese.

Farfalle Pasta or Bow Tie Pasta
Little Bow Tie Pasta Shells shaped like little butterflies, in Italian that's what Farfalle means, little butterflies. Great for a family Sunday Dinner with either a Bolognese Sauce or a Cheesy Pasta Sauce. How about adding the classic Caesar Salad and maybe one of the Jello Recipes for Dessert?

Fettucini Pasta
One of the popular pasta types that's flat and long. In the Italian language, Fettucini means small ribbons. Very well known in pasta recipes with the Alfredo Sauce. Back in the day, Cream, butter and Italian cheese were always at hand to make the sauce as well as flour and eggs for the pasta and it just stuck around for one of the favorite in Pasta Types.

Fusilli Pasta
These little spirals are another great choice of pasta types and very popular with the kids. You have probably bought them at one time and the most common are the tri-colored as they look so appetizing especially served up in the ever popular Spaghetti Sauce.

Little Italian dumplings are made from the ever popular potato. Very similar to the Pyrogi, instead of the filling on the inside like the Pyrogi, these little Italian Gnocchi dumplings have the ingredients mixed together and can be pan fried in butter or boiled and tossed with a flavorful Pesto Recipe or Spaghetti Sauce and tossed with a favorite Italian Cheese.

Linguine Pasta
Another very popular pasta types to choose from and very similar and just a wee bit narrower version of Fettucini. Linguine goes great with any favorite choice of Pasta Sauce.

Manicotti, the king of pasta types, these tube shaped delights are about 5 inches long and are fantastic baked in the oven stuffed with a favorite filling. Baked in the oven covered with a pasta sauce like the fresh spaghetti sauce or a seafood sauce.

Pasta Shells
These popular delightful bites are found either in the smaller bites for little mouths or larger bites for the larger of smiles. Either of these pasta shells are great with any Pasta Sauce, the Spaghetti Bolognese would be a great pick, this one seems to get in between and inside of the shells for great flavor in every bite.

Penne Pasta
One of the very well known pasta types and purchased probably most often next to the spaghetti pasta or rigatoni. Straight little tubes with edges cut in a diagonal which makes the pasta sauce of choice stick better. The ever popular Spaghetti Bolognese always is a great choice.

Another popular pick in pasta types, stuffed with a variety of Italian cheese, meat and seafood and often found in a variety of shapes. Available Frozen or Fresh and especially if you want to take the time and make some Ravioli from scratch.

Rigatoni Pasta
Another very well known pasta types, a bite sized favorite with little slight ridges on the pasta. When used in a thicker of the pasta recipes, like the Spaghetti Bolognese, the pasta sauce seems to stick and get into those little ridges which makes them great for any type of meat or vegetable sauce.

Spaghetti Pasta
The most popular and well known of the Pasta Types and used probably the most in Italian food. Very versatile in Italian Cooking and can be used with pretty much any of the Pasta Recipes and any one of the Pasta Sauce, either thick of thin. Two favorites would be the Spaghetti Bolognese or Spaghetti and Meatballs.

Spaghettini Pasta
A little round popular pasta, just a bit thicker than the vermicelli and smaller than the spaghetti pasta. Great with a spicy sauce and chorizo. I use this pasta every so often just for a change from the Spaghetti pasta and makes a nice change for a great pick in Italian Cooking.

Tortellini Pasta
Small bites of stuffed goodness are a great with any of the Pasta Sauce choices. Cheese Tortellini would be my guess for one of the favorites with the Alfredo Sauce. Tortellini is always an excellent choice for Pasta Types.

Vermicelli Pasta
Of the pasta types, that are round and long and a bit thinner than spaghettini pasta and thicker than angel hair pasta. A bit lighter mouthful and goes great with a light Pasta Sauce choice like a creamy Garlic Butter Sauce or the Pesto Recipe.

Ziti Pasta
This is one of the popular pasta types and is a medium size tube shape with small ridges. Very popular in the lower parts of Italy and is usually baked with one of the favorite Pasta Sauce picks. Ziti is served traditionally at wedding banquets or of course huge family get togethers. Believe me, I've been to a few! Baked in the oven with Tomato Spaghetti Sauce and mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top these are a fantastic simple choice for Italian Food.

Great Cooking Hints in Italian Food:
Any choice in Italian Cheese work great for topping off your favorite pick in pasta types. A great suggestion would be to mix equal parts of Parmesan Cheese and Asiago Cheese together, or maybe the Romano Cheese and Parmesan Cheese. Italian Food and Italian Cheese... they just go hand in hand together.

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For some great Italian Food, do some great Italian Cooking with a favorite in Pasta Types, a choice in Pasta Sauce and a pick in Salad Recipes like the Caesar Salad with Homemade Caesar Salad, fantastic!

How about the Tiramisu, one fantastic choice in Dessert Recipes, with Dark Belgian Chocolate, I honestly can say that this is one h-e-double-hockey-pucks of a dessert in Italian Recipes!

Top off your Italian Food Dinner with one of the dreamy delicious Drink Recipes. How about one of the Coffee Recipes? The popular Spanish Coffee with Tia Maria, or a cup of Hot Chocolate with Kahlua, Whipping Cream would be excellent!

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