Iced Tea Recipe with Ginger Ale

Shake-It-Up For A Favorite in Cocktail Recipes with a Long Island a favorite in Mixed Drinks. Have some Summer-Fun-In-The-Sun with your Barbeque Grill, Mix It up with Juicy Hamburgers, Caesar Salad and this favorite in Drink Recipes... Delicious!

Iced Tea Recipe with Ginger Ale one of the fantastic refreshing Mixed Drinks. For something stronger in Drink Recipes, the Long Island Iced Tea is one winner in Cocktail Recipes!

Both versions of this favorite Ice Tea Recipe are thirst quenchers and refreshing favorites in Drink Recipes. The original Iced Tea Recipe is one of the easiest in Drink Recipes to make and always great to have around for the kids, a great choice for a birthday party. One of the kids favorites for a birthday cake would have to be the Chocolate Ice Cream Cake with Strawberries or a favorite candy topped with Whipped Cream.

Original Recipe

Makes 3 quarts

5 cups Iced Tea mix - with lemons and white sugar to taste

2 quarts (or liters) of ginger ale

Combine ingredients, serve in pitcher with ice cubes and fresh sliced lemons.

For something extra special, make a Fresh Fruit Salad and freeze some of the fruit in your ice cube tray with some water, add to a tall glass to top off this thirst quencher for Cocktail Recipes.

How about shake it up a notch or two for the adults, try this Long Island that's a little stronger. This is a great one to have for that evening when one of the Mixed Drinks is enough.

Mix-it-up-a-notch or two
The Long Island - A Popular Pick For Mixed Drinks
Serves 4

4 oz Vodka

4 oz Tequila

4 oz rum

4 oz gin

4 oz triple sec

6 oz sweet and sour mix

4 splashes of Coke

Mix ingredients together over ice in a glass. Pour into a shaker and give a good shake. Pour back into glass and make sure a touch of fizz is still at the top. Garnish with fresh lemons or lemon curls.

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This Iced Tea Recipe served with or without Alcohol is a great thirst quencher in Drink Recipes and would go fantastically with a choice in any of of the Appetizer Recipes. A tasty favorite is the Cheese Puffs stuffed with Sweet Honey Baked Ham. With a Long Island Iced Tea this duo would make a great go-together.

Make a pitcher of Ice Tea ahead of time for a great timesaver and you next Outdoor Barbeque. Pick a favorite in BBQ Recipes when friends drop by for a visit or for the family for a lazy Sunday by the pool.

Sit, Relax and enjoy sipping either Iced Tea Recipe with one of the great choices in Breakfast Recipes. Having a Brunch? Try the Crepes with Bananas and Whipped Cream or the Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce and Whipped Cream!

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