Greek Hummus with Lemons
and Fresh Garlic

Start off a Greek Food Night of Fun with this Favorite in Dip Recipes... Dig in with some Pita Bread or Tortilla Chips and get the Party Started with this tasty pick in Appetizer Recipes.

A Party Food Favorite, Hummus with Fresh Garlic, Lemons with Fresh Pita Bread is a tasty delicious smile-making winner in Appetizer Recipes. This flavorful pick would make an excellent start at your next Greek Food Fiesta.

A delicious delight in Appetizer Recipes, for a fabulous winner in Dip Recipes. I bet you won't be able to keep the bowl filled! For a suggestion in side dishes, add the Hummus to one of the Greek Foods for dinner ideas. How about the Tzatziki, served at your next Barbeque Party? The Juicy Hamburgers with Dill Sauce would be perfect. Excellent dip recipes for a taste-bud explosion in Party Snacks, you won't be able to keep the bowls filled!

I must warn you though, the fresh garlic is the heart and soul in this Hummus. You know that old saying right? Share and share alike... that way no one person will have that-garlic-breath!

Eat Lots and Enjoy this fantastic favorite in Appetizer Recipes!

6 cloves of fresh garlic, chopped

3/4 cup extra virgin Italian Olive Oil

2-3 tablespoons of Tahini (I use smooth Peanut Butter)

2 fresh lemons, squeezed

2 cups garbanzo beans or chickpeas - rinsed and drained

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

Using a Food Processor or Blender, add all ingredients.

Start on low speed, gradually increasing speed until mixture in smooth.

Transfer to a small bowl.

Serve with Fresh Pita Bread cut into wedges.

Garnish with Kalamata Olives if desired.

This is one Creamy Dip Recipe!!!

Cooking Hints
Not everyone has Tahini on hand... Try Substituting Smooth Peanut Butter instead. It's a great substitute and leaves your guests wondering what is that WONDERFUL Flavor!

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