Classic Deviled Eggs
With Dijon Mustard

Get those Party People Hopping with these little bites of Flavor in Party Food... Always a Hit in Appetizer Recipes... Looking for more Party Recipes? How about the Spicy Chicken Wings for another favorite in Finger Foods... Did anyone say YUMMY!

Deviled Eggs, this oldie but goodie made with French Onion Soup Mix and Dijon Mustard is what I call Yummy.. popular Finger Foods. So simple to make and are a top favorite in Appetizer Recipes, you can't go wrong in making this winner in Party Food.

These bite-size wonders are always a great classic to add. Just the right size for a mouth-popping-taste explosion. These little bites are not just for made for party recipes, but also make handy choice for a snack. Great to bring along to your next Appy Party, make tasty bites up in advance and just before I leave I add that creamy filling that has been mingling and infusing together with delicious flavors!

Having a Dinner party? Serve these Deviled Eggs for an excellent choice in Party Recipes for great starters. Add a couple of other great choices to the table for a variety of party food. A couple of favorites would have be the Stuffed Mushrooms with Italian Cheese and thee Spanakopita with the Tzatziki, both are great, and all I can say is, Yummy!

It really doesn't matter what you choose for your line-up of favorites in Party Recipes, these Deviled Eggs are a classic to start off the evening with for a winner in Party Food. For something special, how about serving up a treat for the guests like a Special Coffee? Have fun and enjoy your choices in Appetizer Recipes for great tasting Party Food.

6 Hard Boiled Eggs

1/4 cup Mayonnaise

2 teaspoons French Onion Soup Mix

1 teaspoon Evaporated Milk

1/2 teaspoon Dijon Mustard

Paprika Spice

Cut the hard boiled eggs in half lengthwise, scoop out yolks into mixing bowl and set aside whites.

in the mixing bowl smash yolks with fork. When your desired consistency is reached, add rest of ingredients mixing until well combined.

Pipe mixture into whites. Sprinkle with Paprika Spice and chill in fridge for at least 1 hour or until filling is set.

I just love these little cooking hints, I like to fill my piping bag with the creamy mixture and pipe into whites and add an extra touch of decorativeness with sprinkling some Paprika Spice on top. These little bites in finger foods will be jumping on the plate and into the mouths of your guests when you add that extra little touch! These are absolutely delicious Deviled Eggs for sure!

Serve. Makes 1 dozen.

Always a Great Favorite for Party Food!

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