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Nifty Baking Tips and Tricks With Fun Kitchen Gadgets and Cooking Measurements

Help with Cooking Terms and their unique meanings in favorite Baking Recipes. Baking Tips and Cooking Measurements with Nifty Kitchen Gadgets to make perfect Cake Recipes or Pastry Recipes in your Cozy Kitchen Nook.

Enjoy and have fun in whatever you're baking-up in your Cozy Kitchen Nook. There really are no rules except to enjoy and hopefully some of these Cooking Terms will help.

Enjoy and have fun in whatever you're cooking-up in your cozy kitchen nook. There really are no rules except to enjoy and hopefully some of these terms in cooking measurements will help!

Most Common Cooking Terms for Baking Recipes:

Cooking terms used for any ingredients called for in baking recipes and would be pressed tightly into measuring cups usually using a spatula, a spoon, or by hand. The most common baking ingredient is usually brown sugar.

Lightly Packed
Cooking terms used for any ingredients called for in baking recipes and would be pressed lightly into measuring cups just to make sure there are no air pockets.

Even or Level
Cooking terms used for any ingredients called for in baking recipes and doesn't go above the top of the line in the measuring cups. I like to use the back of a knife or a spatula and sweep across the top to take off the excess.

Cooking terms used for any ingredients called for in baking recipes and is usually in a nice rounded shape just above your measuring spoon or measuring cups.

Heaping or Heaped
Cooking terms used for any ingredients called for in baking recipes and would be heaped onto your measuring spoon or measuring cups and the amount that stays on is used.

Usually this means that the ingredient called for in your baking recipes is sifted and then measured them leveled. Cooking Terms used in recipes should say either sifted or not sifted. I do this for baking cocoa, confectioners sugar or when I use a cake flour.

I just wanted to add that when you are making any Baking Recipes for pastries or cakes, it can get tricky and using the recipe instructions and their cooking terms. A bit of advice would be that these should be followed. As I was writing this little blurb a memory came back to me... I remembered when I was in probably the eighth grade and in cooking class, we were making blueberry muffins. The recipe called for 1 teaspoon of baking powder and 1 cup of flour. Well, one of the other groups got the recipe mixed up and put in 1 cup of baking powder instead YIKES, YES, you can just imagine the MESS!

There are so many different Kitchen Gadgets out there to choose from. Which ones do you choose? Or which are practical for what you're going to bake? My suggestion in Baking Tips for Kitchen Gadgets would be to start out with one or two. Add to your collection one at a time, great little stocking stuffers at Christmas or for that Birthday Gift that the kids can buy. Even for yourself to give as a Gif for a Wedding Shower or Hostess Gift. Every Girl that I know loves Kitchen Gadgets.

These are just some Kitchen Gadgets that I like and would suggest:

Pizza Cutter
Ok, now you're probably wondering why a Pizza Cutter for Baking Tips in Kitchen Gadgets aren't you? Well I've found out that this little Nifty thing is not only for Pizza. I use it for trimming pie crust or use it as cookie cutter. Great for cutting Puff Pastry or Phyllo Dough.

Kitchen Timer
Great for timing any of your cooking recipes when multi tasking. Great for the kids, if dinner is going to be ready in an hour, set the timer for when you want the kids to be at the table. No yelling involved with this idea.

Pastry Brush
This is a nifty little Gadget. It's not a must and will probably not get used a lot, but it's fantastic for egg washes or glazing. Excellent for spreading melted butter over Phyllo Dough or Puff Pastry. Use it for brushing Oil or Basting Food.

Measuring Cups
A must in the Kitchen for sure. Either metal or glass measuring cups or both are great to have on hand. the Metal individual ones are great for any dry ingredients, fill up and level off with a flat knife or spatula. Glass Measuring Cups are most popular with any type of liquid. You also can pop them right into the microwave to melt butter or any solid.

Measuring Spoons
Ok, now these are another must to have in your Kitchen. Great for Measuring liquids by filling the spoon of choice full. and for dry ingredients fill it full and then level off with a flat knife or spatula.

I like this one and I find it excellent in getting out those lumps in flour, cake flour, icing sugar or confectioners sugar and makes the texture more finer. Now if you don't have a sifter, don't panic. A secret baking tip that I used to do is use a fine strainer instead. It works just as well.

Baking Pans
Oh, there are so many different kinds and shapes. If you are a Baker, a baking tip would be to have a cupboard all to themselves. Non Stick Cookie Sheets, Muffins Tins, Cake Pans, Pie Plates are just to name a few. You can buy starter kits with just the basic pans that you need and then add gradually to your set.

Kitchen Utensils
Again, so many sizes and shapes to choose from. Start out with your basics and add as you go along. The kids like to put something new under the tree at Christmas for me and I've gotten some pretty interesting little Gadgets. The most popular though that I would say to start with would be maybe a Spatula, Cookie Cutters, Pastry Bag, Cookie Press and Decorating Kit, Rolling Pin, Whisks, Cake Tester.

This is one of the Medium priced Gadgets in the Kitchen. For a Baking Tip, I would suggest that in spending just a little more on a good blender you'll find that it will last longer. Great for making fluffy Pancakes, Smoothies, Salad Dressings, Crushed Ice, Puree Fruit and even for mixing Margaritas or Frozen Mixed Drinks..

Food Processor
These do come in different sizes. You can start out with a smaller type which work just as well as the larger models. They can grind up those Cookie Wafers or Graham Crackers for Pie Crusts, Chop Nuts, Shred or Grate Cheese just as well as the larger ones. In Mixing Cookie Dough I like to use the larger one.

Hand Beater
I would have to say that this little Kitchen Gadget would be a must for the Kitchen. They aren't that expensive and come in handy for any liquid that needs to be fluffy by incorporating air into the liquid. Great for Whipping Cream, Cake Batters, Egg Whites, Puddings or Custards.

Kitchen Scale
Now this one isn't a must, but it does come in handy. I use it for solids in weighing out Chocolate Chips or Chunks of Belgian Chocolate. You can weigh Butter or Fruits. Personally I use a Digital Scale as I find it's more accurate in weight measurements and use it pretty much for anything that my measuring cups can't handle.

There you have it, my picks for the most used in my little kitchen nook. I really don't have a favorite. Over all though, if I was to pick one I would have to say that my pastry blender would be the most used during the fruit season for Pie Recipes. The popular pick in our house and favorite in Pie Recipes would have to be the Apple Pie. Especially when it's still warm with Vanilla Ice Cream melting over the top!

Have fun and enjoy Baking Recipes in Your Little Cozy Kitchen Nook. Remember to laugh often when eating your delights in those Pastry recipes and revel in the Joy of Cooking!

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