Cooking Meat In Oven Roasting

Cooking Tips and Timesavers for Roast Beef or The Holiday Roast Turkey

In Cooking Meat, oven roasting is the most popular in cooking your favorite Roast Chicken, Roast Turkey and Roasted Vegetables. There's nothing like those caramelized flavors, especially that outside crunchy skin that everyone just loves!

Roasted Vegetables is a yummy favorite. When cooking any choice in garden vegetables, they get that wonderful caramelized outer coating.

When roasting, whether it's a pork roast, roast chicken, roast beef or your favorite holiday roast turkey, a favorite in cooking tips for the roasting pan, is in placing the roaster on the middle rack in the oven, letting meat cook evenly. Place a rack inside the roasting pan to allow more air circulation to give your choice of meat that extra bit of boost in cooking.

When cooking meat in the oven there are different cooking techniques and different ranges of temperatures. Using a low temperature oven (200 to 325 F) is best when roasting a turkey or roast chicken which are larger cuts of meat. When slow roasting the meat stays tender and juicy. Roasting at higher temperatures (400 F or more) makes the meat tough and dried out.

For more cooking tips, use higher temperatures for cooking roast beef. The outer edges get nicely crispy crunchy and the inside stays tender and juicy. Let your roast beef sit for a bit on a plate or platter before cutting. Use a combination of heats in cooking meat, start off at a higher temperature then turn down heat for rest of cooking time, to get that excellent crunchy brown crust that we all love so much.

In using different cooking techniques in food recipes your outcome would be to have the juicy flavor inside and get that crunchiness on the outside. I find that basting during cooking every so often when roasting a chicken or turkey I'm guaranteed to get that crispy outer crust that's to die for.

Another great suggestion in cooking tips, is that I've tended to cheat now and again and have used the plastic oven bags. They do cut cooking time down and no basting is needed, a great idea for timesavers. Your choice though, my preference is still the "old fashioned" way, but great for when in a pinch!.

In cooking Meat, I like this rule of thumb for cooking recipes, I normally use about a 350 F degree oven. For Roasting a Turkey or Chicken, baste every 20 minutes or so.

Cooking times = 20 minutes per pound approx.

Enjoy and savor your Roasted Choice of Meat... don't forget to share!

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