Cooking Advice For Safe Food Handling

Make It Easy With Simple Suggestions For Preservation In Preventing the Dreaded E Coli and Salmonella... YUK!

Just a bit of cooking advice on safe food handling. Killing bacteria such as E Coli and Salmonella is a good thing for sure! I like to make sure that good food preservation for meat and dairy product is taken and they should be refrigerated.

Taking care and killing off those harmful organisms including bacteria and viruses like the dreaded E Coli or Salmonella, depends on temperature, time and cooking techniques used for oven roasting and cooking meat. Anything cooked between 41 F - 135 F is a danger zone for these nasty bacteria. YIKES, not a good thing!

E coli and especially salmonella bacteria's can grow very rapidly. As a matter of fact, they can double in number every twenty minutes! Your food recipes may not look spoiled or bad in any way, but sure can be very harmful when anyone eats it, so please some cooking advice is be careful and use some good cooking advice for safe food preservation.

Food Preservation for meat, poultry or your dairy products and any other prepared goodies should be kept refrigerated. Refrigerating or freezing does not always kill that nasty E Coli or Salmonella, it only slows growth. With any leftovers after cooking up a meal, wrap them up with tin foil and plastic wrap or divide up into sealed containers right away, for safe food handling and food preservation. The "old wives tale" about leaving your food out until cool is just that, and old wives tale. Take care in food preservation and refrigerate as soon as possible and please don't leave your food out no longer than 90 minutes if you can help it.

Ah, the dreaded cutting board is probably one of the most easiest places that those little E Coli germs to breed. Safety precautions and safe food handling are a must with wood cutting boards as they are more porous than the plastic ones. Wash cutting boards with antibacterial soap by hand first after each use, then stick in the dish washer to be extra safe, especially when handling raw meat, nasty!

Hot water with antibacterial soap and followed with a good spray of some antibacterial cleaner is fantastic. A little suggestion might be to dilute 1 tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water. Those little E Coli and Salmonella bacteria's won't have a chance in your cozy kitchen!

Some Cooking Advise from our Cozy Kitchen to yours is be safe in the kitchen, clean often with those new fan-dangle antiseptic wipes, use safe food handling and wash hands after handling your favorite foods. Those nasty E Coli and Salmonella bacteria won't stand a chance with your precautions in Food Preservation. Enjoy and play smart!

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