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All questions and suggestions, cooking recipes, kitchen ideas or baking tips are welcomed. Help us Shake It Up with Fun Food Recipes, a pinch of Laughter and a gentle stir of Giggles in the Joy of Cooking. Our Cozy Kitchen door is always open! Don't let those bugs in though!

Looking for a favorite in fabulous fun food recipes, kitchen ideas or that special pick in Cooking Recipes and can't find it, please ask us. With a little stir of the wrist, we'll whip it up and serve with smile-making-grins!

Do you have an ear-to-ear-right-from-the-tummy hilarious story to tell with one of your favorite memories of back home with one of your cooking recipes or maybe some time saving cooking tips or kitchen ideas that you ingeniously came up with. We would love to hear them all! Sharing Recipes is what we do best! So rustle up, whip up and stir up those fantastic kitchen ideas for stories and cooking recipes and help us get our Shake It Up with Fun Food Recipes on the stove cooking up some good-eats-fun!

We will absolutely do our best in responding to your emails as quick as you can cook up a batch of patience sprinkled generously with care within at least 24 - 48 hours.

We will be looking forward to hearing from you with any of your Kitchen Ideas, Cooking Recipes to Shake It Up in Fun Food Recipes. We all need a pinch of laughter and a gentle shake in the Joy of Cooking once in awhile!

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